Be a Culturally-Aware TEFL Teacher

Want to know how to be a culturally responsive TEFL teacher? This article will provide you with an easy to follow five point guide to help you connect with all your students. Keep reading to learn more.

Connecting with your students can be hard enough when you come from the same culture. Yet, in today's globalized world, whether you decide to teach outside of your hometown or not, you need to be able to learn about and adapt to other cultures. Doing so will help you and your students as you build a better relationship with them.

1. Start with empathy

If you have ever felt misunderstood because of a different perspective, you know how important it is to start with empathy. Before you establish that your student is being intentionally rude, consider if perhaps it is something else. The issue might be cultural. For example, in many Asian cultures it is not common for teachers to ask students to express their opinion which may cause them to hesitate when you ask what they think about something. Of course their may be something else, such as a learning disability, something affecting them outside of the classroom, etc.. Whatever the issue, always start with empathy when communicating with your students. Doing so is very helpful for all teachers, but essential for ESL TEFL Teachers.

2. Study their culture