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Find Online TEFL Job

Complete ELETEFL Course

Start your Online 60 hour TEFL certification today

(average time 40 - 60 hours)

Apply to Online Schools

Schools require a Bacherlor's Degree and a 60 hour TEFL online english teacher course

(average time 1 week)

Complete Interviews

Most schools will ask to have a 1 hour call before they make an offer

(average time 1 hour)

Start Teaching Online

After you receive an offer and have learnt the schools platform you will start teaching

(average time 1 - 2 weeks)

Approximate time from start to teaching 2 - 3 weeks.

View Online Schools below

Job Links

Education First

Education First is a world leader in Education and Travel.  They have very prominent online programs for teaching both Kids and Adults.  Working with them is a truly a fantastic experience.  Please use the links below for the Kids or Adults Programs.  If the links do not work please do a quick google search.


VIPKID is a great company that focuses on teaching Chinese Children.  It’s quick and easy to select which hours you can teach.  Parents on this platform can only book one week in advance, so if you want to go on vacation you can choose your schedule.  Of course, you can always work while travelling.  If the link does not work do a quick google search. 

DaDa abc

DaDa is another leader in the ESL space.  If you have a pretty consistent schedule and want to teach a few classes a week this is a great option.  As one of the highest paying options, they also have the added advantage of allowing you to teach from outside the US.  If the link below does not work do a quick google search. 


Qkids focuses on teaching Chinese kids and requires you to teach a minimum of 6 hours per week.  your schedule is released on a weekly basis and you normally have 24 hours to change your schedule.  To apply you must be legally allowed to work in the United States or Canada.  If the link below does not work, please do a quick google search.  


iTutorGroup focuses on teaching kids and adults.  The kids program teaches Taiwanese children.  Teachers are required to teach at least 10 peak hours per week, 4 of those hours need to be during the weekend.  Click the link below and if it does not work do a quick google search.  


Gogokid focuses on teaching Chinese children.  They require teachers that are legally allowed to work in the United States or Canada.  they also have an amazing referral program for any new teacher you refer to them.  Click the link below or do a quick google search.  

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