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What Does TEFL Mean?

TEFL, stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and is the standard certification needed to be able to work as an ESL, or English as a Second Language, teacher.  Whether you wish to work for an online school, a brick and mortar school or as a freelance teacher, having a TEFL is a necessary qualification that will help you start and excel in the ESL industry.

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Tati Perez

This course has allowed me to gain control of my career and reach my financial goals.  I have also discovered my passion for teaching.  Thank you ELETEFL!

Armando Boucourt

I never thought that as a retiree I was going to connect with so many people, learn so much and teach.  As a former accountant, I was intimidated at first...Now I am ecstatic.

Sebastian Zagami

As a Public school teacher I wanted more income while doing what I love.  ELETEFL, opened up so many opportunities so that I can follow passion and feel financially stable


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